How would your life change if your kids weren’t fighting all the time?

You know all too well what it feels like when the Squabblefest starts:

  • The family vacation you were all looking forward to turns into a backseat battle for the iPhone, and an endless chorus of “I want it!” “I had it first!” “Mooommmm! Make him stop!” You take away the phone – and the fighting only escalates.
  • A simple trip to the supermarket becomes a quest for world domination, to be decided by the kid who begs the loudest for her favorite breakfast cereal. Trying to be evenhanded, you pick a third cereal. Now both kids are yelling, “That's not fair!”
  • You just want them to stop screaming, whining, hitting and crying—so you pull them apart, decide who’s right, and lay down the law. Five minutes later, they’re at it again. It feels as if your “solution” is only a re-set for further conflict.

I’ve been there, both as a parent and as a teacher. I was crazed and frustrated by the way endless squabbling seemed to turn so much of life into a battle of wills that pushed me away from the kids I loved and made all of us feel defeated and stuck.

My search for peace finally brought me—and the kids in my life—a better way through conflict, and I’d like to show you what I learned.

The secret: 

Act as a mediator—a person who helps your kids negotiate with each other for what they want—instead of a “decider” who declares who’s right, who’s wrong, and who gets the prize.

I spent so much energy trying to turn conflict off or shut it down. Who knew that by opening it up instead, I could create a calm space for problem-solving, and that some conflicts could actually be put to rest?

Imagine using the tools that mediators employ to assist your kids in managing their own conflicts. On this website, and in my teaching programs, I’ll show you how.

I’m Susan North, and I help parents understand and manage sibling conflict. I’m on a mission to help families escape the torment of Squabblefest, and I’d like to help you. I invite you to explore the website, find out about my programs, and envision what it would be like to finally get a handle on your kids’ day-to-day conflicts.

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