More Information About Mediation

Everybody wins when kids get conflict skills

Here’s what I’ve found: When you act as a mediator for your kids, instead of playing judge or referee, it's not just the kids who benefit. You as a parent gain rich emotional benefits! You get to know your kids better, and you enjoy watching their understanding and appreciation for each other deepen.

Your kids will become better communicators and better listeners. They’ll learn to negotiate—when to compromise and when to stand their ground—and how to approach conflict with a clear head. And they can do it whether they’re preschoolers or high school kids.

Best of all, this process weans them from needing your help with every dispute. They develop emotional literacy, a vocabulary for resolving conflict, a set of useful negotiation tools, and best of all, they discover that hey, all of this actually works!

  • Imagine seeing your laid-back child, the one who always gives up or gives in, finally stand up for what she wants.
  • Imagine the kid who’s used to getting her way learning the art of give and take.
  • Imagine seeing your kids work things out together, instead of constantly running to you.
  • Imagine the feeling of being the peaceful, happy parent, instead of always having to bang that gavel or blow that whistle!

That can be your everyday reality.

You can give your kids the power to navigate their own conflicts without crumbling, bullying, blackmailing or begging. I believe that all this starts at home, when parents help kids steer through their disagreements on their own.

It’s possible, it’s practical, and it will change your family life for the better.

So ditch the gavel and lose the whistle! Join us and experience what it’s like when you know how to give your squabbling kids the power to find their own solutions.

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